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The online ecoprint workshop is aimed for those who are new or have little experience with ecoprint. If you need to work closely with a teacher but you cannot come to Barcelona. This online course is for you.

But... ¿How does this work? Let me go deeper.

Firstly, we will set up a date that works for both of us in the calendar. Secondly, I will send you a pdf with all the materials to purchase. Thirdly, you will get instructions for all the things you have to get prepared for the printing day. Lastly, and most importantly, through a video call we will print a textile on the selected day on the calendar. 

In conclusion, the online ecoprint workshop will help you to get started with natural prints. Then you can fly solo after the course :) 

Content of the online ecoprint course

In this course I will show you:

  1. -What type of textiles do you need to make it work.
  2. -How to prepare fabrics.
  3. -What plants can you forage locally or buy at the flower shop.
  4. -How to prepare effective mordant solutions to fix natural pigments on fabrics.
  5. -Bundle dye and color blanket techniques. 
  6. -Garment care.


Before purchasing the natural prints course, please send me an email at to arrange the date and check for availability. Once we set up the date, you can make the purchase. Afterwards you will get a confirmation email to save the appointment through google meet calendar.

The private workshop lasts 4h and you will have to prepare some steps in advance. 

After booking the online ecoprint workshop you will get an email confirmation. In addition to that yoy will get a list of materials you need to buy and a steps to follow. During the process, I will be available through Whatsapp and email to help you along the way. Any doubt you might have with the materials or the previous steps I will answer.

At the end of the workshop you will get a PDF with further instructions from the course. :)

Gracias and see you soon!